Beyond artistry, GameVision is your production management powerhouse and global co-creation partner in gaming excellence.



Strategically headquartered in Chicago with production powerhouses around the world, we seamlessly meld local project management with global artistry, crafting exceptional art for PC, console, and mobile games. Our expertise spans 2D and 3D art, Animation, VFX, and game development. But our prowess isn’t just in artistry. We pride ourselves on efficient project management, bridging time zones and nations to deliver top-tier content at a cost that makes sense. We cherish the blend of art, technology, and teamwork. As we navigate the dynamic gaming landscape, we stand as a reliable partner, eager to co-create the next big marvel in gaming.


Area of expertise


2D Art
Navigate the realms of imagination with our concept design and 2D art services, tailored for every game genre. Whether it’s crafting legendary heroes, designing formidable environments, or injecting whimsy into casual games, our artists excel. We balance technical precision with creative flair, delivering hardcore 2D art that resonates with players and casual 2D art that delights in its simplicity and charm.
3D Art
Our 3D artistry breathes life into your gaming universe. We sculpt, texture, and animate 3D models that are both technically robust and aesthetically compelling. With a deep understanding of style and scale, our 3D creations are primed to define gaming landscapes and characters, captivating your audience.
Animation and VFX

Step into a world where animation meets artistry, and VFX creates reality. Our team animates with precision, infusing 2D and 3D characters with soul, and enveloping environments in unparalleled atmosphere. From subtle interactions to grand spectacles, our work promises to immerse players in a realm of breathtaking motion.

Game Development

Our game development expertise transcends boundaries. We provide comprehensive porting solutions, delivering your game seamlessly across platforms, alongside specialized Roblox development. Our approach harnesses the latest in gaming technology, ensuring your game thrives in diverse ecosystems and captivates a global audience.

Team Augmentation

Expand your team’s capabilities with our premium team augmentation services. We provide talents ready to seamlessly integrate with your pipeline. They bring expertise and efficiency to accelerate your project’s progress while upholding your creative vision and technical standards.


Navigate the global gaming landscape with our expert consulting services. We help you to ensure your game resonates with international audiences, refine its aesthetic, and align it with market trends and player preferences. Our insights help tailor your game for optimal player engagement and market success.




Zhan Ye
Founder and CEO
Ding Ye
Founder and Creative Director
Kenny Li
Executive Producer
Sue Huang
Art Director
Thomas Yan
Senior Producer
Yeping Pan
Wenhao Liu
Avery Autumn
Toby Li
Business Development Manager